Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product Review - The Everlasting Treat Ball!

The Everlasting Treat Ball (Which can be purchased on my site at ) is a great toy to keep your dogs occupied. My Boston Terrier loves hers! Yes, she is playing with the Medium sized ball (recommended for dogs up to 40 lbs!).  While she worked on this thing for hours, the treat inside of the ball still has plenty of life left. No damage was done to the ball, even when my 80 lb Boxer/Labrador played with it.

Great toy to exercise the mind, and keep your dog occupied while you are away from home! The Everlasting Ball comes with a small package of treats, and two of the chews that go inside of the ball. Replacement chews can be purchased from my site at - Simply go to my site and click on Shop PetLane to get started!

Stay tuned for our next product review!

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